Thu 21 Mar 6:49 AM 2013

When composure breaks, follow these rules; avoid all use of “don’t”, “can’t”, “hate” and any other negative. Be fully conscious of your state of mind. Question every thought and emotion. When answering this questioning, construct your responses using only positives.

“I hate this person” becomes something like “I have yet to appreciate the value of this person”.

With practice, it becomes very difficult to loose emotional control.

(Tue Jan 27 9:40 PM 2015) (rewrite attempt while queuing on WordPress)

Be mindful of what you proclaim. Avoid all use of negatives e.g.: don’t, can’t, hate. Avoid using any contrary prefix or suffix such as un- (uncomfortable), or -less (directionless). Affirm what you want, the state you desire, in a present tense.


Be mindful of what you proclaim under distress. Use only positive words. Words that only indicate your desired state.


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