Wed 3 Jul 4:24 AM 2013

(some coarse language and controversial subject matter)

(Though I occasionally edit entries, I try to leave the log as is. Hence, posts like this one)

The age of aquarius. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s aquarians thinking a thousand miles an hour and only being able to remember 10 % of it at any given time. All these visions these incredibly vivid perceptions, these occasional overloads of sudden complex thought appear out of nowhere, uncalled for. Very little sticks. Even cataloging the thoughts is near impossible. It’s like listening to 5 conversations simultaneously and trying to transcribe them all in real time.

So where are all these thoughts going? Do we believe the concept of universal entanglement? The Akashic field? Are we rapidly filling the universe’s library with a catalogue of every possible thought and perception, to be called upon by future generations? Do we just have to get high, let the wheels spin and fill everyone else’s tank? For a good piece of cake, I’d make the sacrifice. I’ll roll my sleeves up and open the fucking flood gates.


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