Wed Sep 17 11:53 PM 2014 (entry 2/2)

Imagination is the ability to perceive what is not. Intelligence is the ability to perceive what is. Enlightenment is the ability to reconcile the two.


Wed Sep 17 11:53 PM 2014 (entry 1/2)

Maybe we are a form of divine mitosis, or some other division. All we have as reference is what we have perceived in our existence, and from what we have seen of life, of propagation on the macro level we inhabit, it is often a creation of a new version to replace the previous one. In our case, the idea of “replacement” can be attributed to our mortal existence in this realm. At the point of immortal divinity, the notion of “replacing” would instead be “joining”. A division where offspring grow and learn to eventually be gods. Joining divinity, not replacing it. The idea of “returning to God”. Are we not “Gods children”? “Created in his image”? Do children not grow and join their progenitors in adulthood?

Sun Sep 14 8ish AM 2014

Listen while you talk.

The purpose of talking is to convey a thought, emotion or idea. A correspondence of sorts. A message. To ensure that the message is properly transmitted and to incite the desired effect, you have to consider who you are communicating with.

You would not ask someone for directions in a language you know that person does not understand. The effort would be wasted. An emotional outcry – presumably more critical than asking for directions – should be all the more mindful of it’s recipient in order to help resolve the initial matter that warranted crying out.

One should strive to understand the point of origin of a message as well as the destination. Perceive your auditor while you speak.

Sun Aug 31 5:05 AM 2014 (entry 1/3)

Cancer is essentially someone being a subject of corruption. Wether the corruption be due to a genetic flaw or due to unfavourable conditions. Though unrelated the two causes may be, the end is still the subject creating the agent of it’s own demise. You want to purify yourself and put all systems back on program. Or at least end the self-destruct sequence.

Mon Jun 30 2:21 AM 2014 (entry 2/2)

Everyone has a masterpiece in them.

Why gate access to your work, your creation? Of course everyone has to eat and pay bills, but there are other ways of achieving this rather than hold back the distribution of your vision.

Sponsorship. People want to be heard, and will pay you for the chance to attach themselves to a vision they believe will gain following. If your work isn’t good enough to inspire this, then maybe you need to reevaluate your wares. Perhaps a different medium would better suite you. Just always believe in that one masterpiece. It is available to you. Just keep an open mind as to what it might be, for once you find it, there will be no more uncertainty.