Sat Mar 01 11:09 PM 2014 (entry3/3)

(coarse language, sensitives beware)

Please, if everything could just slow down a bit, it’d be so much more efficient. We would travel further, with less effort and maybe we might event splurge a bit and enjoy ourselves along the way. Going faster isn’t the way to everything better. If you can’t stop and enjoy what you have now, then why the hell would we want more? If what you have now is labeled as not enough, then you are stating to the world that you are in a state of not enough. Show how much the current state is important to you. There is always beauty to be seen, heard, felt, tasted or even thought. There is no such thing as non-existence. Stop talking about it and focussing on it. And for fuck’s sake, slow down. Stop being in such a rush.


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