Mon Jun 02 4:56 AM 2014

(coarse language, sensitives beware)

What if we needn’t seek greatness without? What if we could find it within? We don’t need  leaders or saviours or anything else “better” than ourselves. What if we needn’t seek sustenance or shelter? What if we could all be free? To not need attachments and make them only by choice? What if we were all equal and existed for the sole purpose of finding something to do and doing it? What if we had no concerns about survival? Would we fall? Would the social nature of our existence cease to be? Are we truly social solely because it is imperative to our survival, and baring that concern we would avoid each other like the plague? No? Didn’t think so. We love each other. We really do. Despite all the well known horrors of civilization, none of us would give up having loved ones to ensure a conflict-less existence.

So, what if we did become godlings? I don’t really care when. Though I do suspect a few key perspective adjustments could move us along quite effectively. This list changes and is very work-in-progress.

To date (and in great need of bettering):

– Confrontational outlook. Problems and adversity always must be opposed, fought against, defeated, attacked or conquered. Rather than, you know, maybe focussing on getting back on track towards what we aspire to attain and achieve. I understand the need to be capable of meeting a challenge head-on. But the landscape would be prettier in the end if we learnt to display a little more finesse when the situation allows it, rather then relying exclusively on the “confront” approach. It’s just so much drama.

– Excluding outlook. The notion of “us” & “them”, where “them” is unrelated and separate to “us”.

– The seeming disregard towards sustainability. Deeming our current course as “necessary” and therefore acceptable. Overpopulation. Directionless expansionism. Buy more, ‘cause you have to.

– The insistence on living in a hierarchal system. The need to be looked down upon but also the need to look down upon others. The notion that one can be superior while another is inferior. Following orders. Idol worship. Seeing ourselves as lesser than greatness.” We can’t all be equal, society just couldn’t work that way.” We all need someone bellow us and we all need someone to take responsibility if shit goes wrong. It’s not some nebulous sinister force imposing this on us. We’re all doing it to ourselves. We propagate it on all levels, with our acquaintances and loved ones. With the people we meet on a daily basis. This is wrong. It’s not any less cool when you do it to the cashier than when some upperclass turd looks down on you. We ALL do it. We ALL need to stop.

– The belief that without laws and authority, human society would devolve into barbarism, anarchy and chaos. Which translates into a distrust of our fellow humans. ‘Cause the only reason there isn’t rape and pillaging in the streets is because of laws. The argument could be made that a sudden loss of governance has, historically, always caused said turmoil. I’m in full agreement there. When a dam is built to “control” a natural flow, a reservoir of energy is created. If the control is suddenly lost, the upheaval can be catastrophic. But it is possible to take down a dam without such clamour. You simply need to drain off that accumulated energy in a constructive and harmonious fashion until there is no longer need for control and we are back into a naturally free-flowing state. The analogy is simple, translate it on your own.

– Possessiveness. Ownership. The idea of “mine” and “yours”. The last one often being repurposed as “could/should be mine” or “not mine yet”.

– “Human nature” as an excuse. The idea that we are flawed. It’s a cop-out. You ARE good enough. You’re just too lazy to hold yourself to a higher standard.

– (character rant from a story I tinker with) “Viewing diversity as a bad thing. What the fuck are you all smoking to come up with that level of imaginative incompetence. It’s getting old guys. Let’s move on please. Can I please live in a society that’s smart enough to realize that diversity has been the key to evolutionary success for the past few million years. It brings a multiple point balance that ensures stability in the face of adversity. If we all fit under a homogenized archetype, we would surely be defeated by the first obstacle that confounds that single cast. Being diverse allows some to thrive where others may fail. It ensures someone WILL prevail and be able to help others along. If a plague hit right now, no matter how bad it is, you’d probably have a few thousand survivors on earth simply due to genetic randomness causing immunities. Different is good. So why the fuck do we feel the need to oppose anything that doesn’t precisely mirror us? My god is better than yours. My music is better than yours. My family is better than yours. My country is better than yours. My ideology is better than yours. My answer is better than yours. You suck and you don’t deserve to exist.”


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