Mon Dec 01 4:40 AM 2014

I respect diversity. I acknowledge that views and philosophies which differ from mine are just as valid as mine. As such, I don’t like telling people what to do. I don’t like imposing what I think is right onto others. I do like taking a mirror, sticking it in their faces and making them aware of the decisions they’ve made and the possible and probable repercussions. I offer clarity and counsel and propose alternative approaches if they would hear it. Then I put the mirror down and walk away, letting them be themselves and consciously make whatever decisions they will. If I think those decisions are unmindful or unconscious, I take the mirror and stick it in their faces again, but I will not force action, or manipulate, or compel.

I admit, however, that I can be less than delicate in my process. I need to strive to be gentle in order to avoid being dismissed without consideration, which would limit my ability to help.


Fri Nov 28 4:17 AM 2014

The meaning of life is the same as the meaning of death. The process of evolution is an iterative one. Be created as an iteration, create another iteration, die and be replaced by successively newer iterations. Evolving, adapting, bringing us ever closer to growing up and joining our progenitorial source on the macro level just as we do on the micro. Our individual mortal lives are lower order of magnitude embodiments of our collective existence as a species. Reality has often been observed mirroring itself on different orders of magnitude.

Wed Nov 26 3:07 AM 2014

On dark days, I think, I love the world so damn much that I end up hating it, and myself in the process. The wheels spin uncontrollably in my head and all perspective becomes warped. I loose my sense of purpose, my motivation. I frustrate myself by focussing on the most mundane of details too. All I see is the impossibility of what I selfishly want the world to be.

In these times, I wish for simple comfort. I long for a sign that everything is going to be OK. That there is a reason for all this, a sense of logic, a specific direction or plan that was laid out and that I can follow. Anything that would make sense on every scale. From the infinitely small and intimate to the infinitely large and universal.

And then I hate myself for not being able to figure it out and wonder wether I deserve to exist if I can’t even stand on my own. Are we destined to be needy for all of eternity? Will we never grow to independence? Will we never love and care for each other out of choice rather than obligation? Should I be satisfied with simple joys and stop even trying to understand the big picture?

Traveling the space between innocence and enlightenment is a hellish affair.

Mon Nov 24 1:16 PM 2014 (entry 2/2)

I question the constant obsession with status. If a stranger says reality barely exists, he’s just some loudmouth idiot spouting his pseudo-science opinion. If a quantum physicist says reality barely exists, then his words must be acknowledged and hailed as advanced truth. In one case, we are being dismissive and refuse to question any further. In the other case, we place ourselves beneath another and refuse to question any further. Such bias is a limitation.

I am not suggesting that we let the village idiot tell us how to fix the dam, but we should cultivate our ability to think objectively at all times. This also does not mean that we should shun subjective thinking. Can we not master both and learn to stop dismissing usable wisdom due to the “status” of it’s source? Can we come to see that truth and wisdom can be found everywhere, if one would only seek it?

Sat Nov 22 3:58 AM 2014

Can we live purely positive lives? Or at the very least, more positive? Should we accept the amount of negative in our lives as necessary to provide contrast and perspective, allowing us to appreciate the positive? Or can we build a world with far less bad while still recognizing and being grateful for the good?

I am thankful for the ability and liberty to contemplate these questions.