Sun Oct 12 6:12 AM 2014


What if power, drive, strength of character is a resource. What if people of means, leaders, masters, great men and women are taping into a power. What if doing this wrong is comparable to unsustainable consumption of other natural resources. Could this explain the seeming lack of Will and Greatness in large portions of the population. The lack of a certain spark? Are we tapping a dry well? Would this mean that this power is in limited reserve? Is the consumption of a few simply inefficient, greedy or just plain sloppy, making it difficult for others to access the same resource and achieve greatness?

Maybe there could be more than enough for everyone to achieve greatness if the irresponsible consumption of a few is corrected, as is often the case with most other natural resources. What would be a balanced, efficient way of achieving greatness, without sapping those who surround us?


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