Mon Dec 01 4:40 AM 2014

I respect diversity. I acknowledge that views and philosophies which differ from mine are just as valid as mine. As such, I don’t like telling people what to do. I don’t like imposing what I think is right onto others. I do like taking a mirror, sticking it in their faces and making them aware of the decisions they’ve made and the possible and probable repercussions. I offer clarity and counsel and propose alternative approaches if they would hear it. Then I put the mirror down and walk away, letting them be themselves and consciously make whatever decisions they will. If I think those decisions are unmindful or unconscious, I take the mirror and stick it in their faces again, but I will not force action, or manipulate, or compel.

I admit, however, that I can be less than delicate in my process. I need to strive to be gentle in order to avoid being dismissed without consideration, which would limit my ability to help.


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