Mon Jan 26 2:44 AM 2015 (entry 2/2)

(iterative writing)

I find I tend to precipitate things because I’m afraid of loosing interest before I’m done.

I remain passionate about an endeavour until I see it to completion.

Passion is plentiful.

I choose patient passion over waning interest.


Mon Jan 26 2:44 AM 2015 (entry 1/2)

Youth may not be wasted on the young. Youth may be stunted by the inflexible preconceptions of the mature.

The young are compelled to grow into their own, to be unique and creative. Yet the breadth of their choice of paths is dictated to them.

Perhaps we should ask with objectivity: is it strictly selfishness and heedlessness that we reproach of the young, or do we sometimes impose our beaten paths for fear that new approaches could belittle our own choices?

Sat Jan 24 4:44 PM 2015

I value people enjoying themselves. I value people enjoying each other. I enjoy confirmation that my actions bring these joys into peoples’ lives. However, praise or recognition for doing so is just not a priority of mine.

I want people to dare to be great. Greater than anyone before them. I want icons to be inspirations rather than limits. I have nothing against praise or recognition fundamentally. They certainly have their value. On the other hand, I have observed extreme circumstance that, if ever applied to me, would be detrimental to the advancement of my ideals.

I want unlimited greatness to be attainable for everyone. When a person achieves greatness and is raised to iconic status, society tends to view their achievements as a statistical anomaly and therefor unattainable to the common person. Trying to be as good as said icon is seen as unrealistic and a waste of time. Worse still, some feel that aiming to be as good as the icon, or better, is somehow disrespectful or offensive towards the icon they love. As if it diminishes the accomplishments of their beloved icon. They perceive this as blasphemy.

I feel an ideal society is one free of such limitations.

Fri Jan 23 4:41 AM 2015

(iterative writing)

I need a researchist.

I have use for a researchist.

Optimal operation includes the use of a researchist.


I don’t want to be limited in what I can accomplish.

I need unencumbered access to means and resources so I can have stuff done immediately without unnecessary dithering.

(Clarify purpose. Purpose comes first. Avoid establishing and focussing on a state of need. Avoid negatives. Be succinct.)

To realize one’s visions with efficiency, production utilizes open access to means and resources.

To fully realize an idea before passion shifts to a new one, production is achieved utilizing open accessible to means and skills.

To fully realize any idea and allow passion to shift to a new one, efficient production is achieved utilizing open access to means and skills.

Wed Jan 21 4:33 PM 2015

(motive statement)

I want to foster a new leap forward for the human race. A developmental advancement of the same order of magnitude as the taming of fire, the creation and use of tools and implements, the adoption of language and writing, the comprehension of concepts such as numbers and time.

Tue Jan 20 2:24 AM 2015 (entry 2/2)

(Another meandering mess. This one almost reads like one side of a two sided conversation. Oh well. Humility and disclosure.)

We can be more than this.


I would like to take a favourable route to divinity.


Ask yourself : what if every wish you ever make instantly comes true?


What if we could get better at understanding our decisions and their effects?

Sounds like a win.


Can I please know why?


I want to be good.


I want to do good.


I want to do as much good as is available for me to do. I want to succeed.


I want the imagination to envision a good path.


I want my actions to do good.


I want to be aware of my means and capabilities, and the consequence of their use.


I want to learn to decide for myself what is in my own best interest.

Tue Jan 20 2:24 AM 2015 (entry 1/2)

(iterative writing)

Of all available options, I would like humanity to know and choose the best one.

I would like for humanity to be given the option of choosing the best of their options.

To ensure we end up somewhere favourable, I want humanity to thoroughly consider it’s options and choose where it’s going to go next, not end up there by default.

So that we can make what choices we have conscious ones, I want humanity to learn the ability to look ahead.

I want humanity to be aware of it’s options. To master the ability to choose.

I want humanity to master observing it’s options.

I want to know the full consequence of available actions. I want to accurately aim my efforts. I want to see my options.

Sun Jan 18 2015 (entry 3/4)

Publication note: This post is not a public call, it is a self-realization made in a personal log that ended up published because of the nature of this blog.

I need help. I’m in a state of need and that won’t do. So abracadabra and so on and such. I need a researchist or manager or motivator or something. Someone who can help me focus past the initial idea conception and display some followthrough.