Wed Jan 14 2015 (entry 1/2)

Life is about choice. You can choose to change. You are that choice, not that person you currently are, or have been. You are the ability to be whoever or whatever you can imagine. You are the miracle of life. You are beyond the natural law of following the path of least resistance like an object or thing. You can walk up a hill rather than fall down it by choosing to do so. You can swim in water rather than sink by choosing to do so. You can choose to go against the grain. You can choose to persist through adversity.

Simply declare “I choose”! It is your right. It is your purpose.

I choose to be wise. I choose to be patient. I choose to be diligent. I choose to be virtuous. I choose to be strong. I choose to be courageous. I choose to be compassionate…

Even if you have not been those things in the past, you can still choose to change and be them. It will not be the death of your identity, it will be the very miracle of it. Say it out loud. Repeat it. Feel it. Act it as if you are a character in a play. Give yourself to it without restraint and it will be true. You can deliberately adjust yourself to what your conscious mind dictates.

You are not the sum of your choices. They are simply outcomes, footprints you leave behind. Symptoms of your existence. You ARE the ABILITY to choose. You are CHOICE. There is no limit.


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