Sun Jan 18 2015 (entry 1/4)

With the world diversifying, developing and connecting as it is, the future will belong to small global communities.

The overall western culture is at an evolutionary junction. What I am saying is that, perhaps within the next generation or so,  there will be new global cultures becoming more relevant than traditional countries due to people grouping together on such a scale that those groupings will be fully acknowledgeable as global cultures themselves, with their own lexicons, mores and driving purposes.

These new cultures will be innovative in that they have no physical borders or boudries. Every individual person can choose to be part of whichever and however many communities they can find, or start new ones if they so desire.

The cross-pollination resulting from members mingling freely with all manner of “foreign” influences due to a lack of geographical delineations will facilitate a constant cultural evolution. In fact, the very notion of foreign vs domestic, us vs them, could potentially be reevaluated. Culture may no longer be as isolated as it have traditionally strived to be.

(someone HAS to have studied this already)


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