Sun Jan 18 2015 (entry 2/4)

Humility and disclosure. That’s why I didn’t just delete the meandering drivel that is this entry. Actually, I’ve always loved seeing what process leads to a final product. I love “making of” documentaries, especially the ones that show how a string a failures don’t necessarily inhibit success. It’s encouraging. Sometimes the wheels just spin in the mud. You get a nice big mess and end up going nowhere. But that’s ok. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not hiding it and it won’t deter me.

There’s little value in this post other than the notion that when you produce something terrible, you brush yourself off and try again. So feel free to not read any further. If you DO read this whole thing and find anything else of value in it, feel free to tell me, because I don’t see it.

(publication note, this is VERY unpolished and at least one “s” bomb was dropped, sensitives beware)

Humanity needs a new concept. The Pirahã tribe, in remote northwestern Brazil, have no concept of numbers. IMAGINE THAT! Existing without a concept of numbers. I think these’s even one that doesn’t have a concept of time (the Amondawa, also in Brazil). VERIFICATION NEEDED (quick googling done)

How significant would that be to one’s existence? What else are WE not aware of? Are there such concepts that, if discovered, would have an equal impact on our perception of reality. Let’s see… If the discovery was made by adapting to living conditions, then what could we adapt to today? What is it that we as a species can collectively focus our energies on? Which next giant leap can we make. Shall we look to the future, grab the wheel and CHOOSE what we wish to become? How about we become the noblest we’ve ever been, ever? How about we become a species that doesn’t need to fight stuff? We have ovens, refrigerator and can easily communicate with every single member of our culture almost instantly, sometimes even to a great many of them at the same time. We like comfort, convenience. We don’t want to fight with our phones and screens, do we? We don’t like fighting. That energy can instead be used creatively. We could be on Mars right NOW if we wanted. If we wanted it all of us together, it would of been done ages ago. We have developed new perspectives and ideas about our existence. We’ve decided that walking or running somewhere just isn’t always fast enough. Hunting and gathering food our selves was inefficient. We’ve adopted systems to make those aspects of our lives a bit more reliable. Where are we now? Let’s observe the present and then we can look to the future. We are seeing time as linear, most of us. We like entertaining ourselves, most of us. We do have numbers and communication, language. Maybe the new idea could be about looking forwards and taking control of who we want to be, rather than simply succumbing to our impulses and circumstances. We can all choose for ourselves. We’ll make new cultures and march on into a new era. Don’t worry, it’s fine, we’ve done it a hundred times before. Let’s just do it BEFORE shit gets REAL bad. Let’s not wait for the empire to fall, that tends to get messy. Let’s make the next jump an actual jump and not a crash and recovery. Let’s make new cultures. These new demographics that are developing are our new countries. Only we don’t need to draw lines this time please guys, borders are ALWAYS the source of most of ours failures. NEED TO REVIEW AND FLIP THE WRITING ORDER. START WITH THE GOOD, THE POSITIVE, THE PURPOSE. (not done yet, I don’t even know where to start with this mess)

Maybe the new thing is to NOT group up and be exclusive, let’s all be a culture unto our selves. No culture, means 7 billion cultures. Albert said a black hole VERIFICATION NEEDED! (done) is where god divided by zero, so let’s divide by zero. We’ll get infinity. Let’s try to master our conditions, of course infinity means our conditions are not only sustainable, but remain so while being infinitely adaptable to any and all change. HOLY COW SPELLCHECK  AND EDITING NEEDED! (one quick pass done, my writing was particularly horrible that day)

Going to let the dogs out now.


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