Sat Jan 24 4:44 PM 2015

I value people enjoying themselves. I value people enjoying each other. I enjoy confirmation that my actions bring these joys into peoples’ lives. However, praise or recognition for doing so is just not a priority of mine.

I want people to dare to be great. Greater than anyone before them. I want icons to be inspirations rather than limits. I have nothing against praise or recognition fundamentally. They certainly have their value. On the other hand, I have observed extreme circumstance that, if ever applied to me, would be detrimental to the advancement of my ideals.

I want unlimited greatness to be attainable for everyone. When a person achieves greatness and is raised to iconic status, society tends to view their achievements as a statistical anomaly and therefor unattainable to the common person. Trying to be as good as said icon is seen as unrealistic and a waste of time. Worse still, some feel that aiming to be as good as the icon, or better, is somehow disrespectful or offensive towards the icon they love. As if it diminishes the accomplishments of their beloved icon. They perceive this as blasphemy.

I feel an ideal society is one free of such limitations.


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