Wed Feb 25 11:01 AM 2015

I’ve been toying with this notion for over a year now.

I refuse the notion that some people are smart while others are not. We all have access to incredible amounts of processing power.

Most of us can walk across a room while twiddling a pencil and holding a conversation. Think about that for a moment. How much information must be processed to accomplish such mundane feats?

Your brain is calculating a desired destination, path and speed. Receiving and processing feedback from the muscles in your legs and back, information from your eyes and the balance system in your inner ear. You simultaneously send appropriate signals though your nervous system back to a host of muscles to induce the process of walking. This process loops until you reach your chosen destination.

While this is happening, a myriad of complex micro adjustments are being done at incredible speed to your hand twiddling the pencil. Feedback is again being received, analyzed, and reacted to. The hand being a marvel of precision and dexterity.

Furthermore, holding a conversation entails formulating a thought, remembering words associated with those thoughts, stringing them into a coherent sentence, remembering how to articulate those words into sounds by breathing out air and precisely manipulating your diaphragm, vocal cords, tongue, lips, and jaw, choosing cadence, tone, volume, pitch…

All at the same time. Without noticeable effort.

Do you really think your brain is incapable of handling a mathematical equation? Or learning to play music? How about mastering any other skill?

You are intelligent. To think otherwise is absolute nonsense. You have access to vast mental capabilities and have been making use of them EVERY DAY. You simply stopped noticing.

After you initially learned to walk as a child, most aspects of the task were progressively relegated to the subconscious. If you like math, and practice it, you will eventually master it and make it second nature. If you don’t like it, you will not put in the sustained effort required to allow your subconscious mind to handle the heavy lifting as it is designed to do. The same goes for any other activity. You have the potential, you just have to tip the scale from “not believing you should pursue it” to “believing you should pursue it”. You have to believe that you can. It won’t work if you just want to believe. You have to actually believe.


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