Fri Mar 13 1:18 PM 2015

About pacifism.

Ideally, we would all learn to forgo violence entirely. But ideals have not historically stopped knives, or bullets, or bombs past a certain threshold. They can certainly prevent their use, but until we live in a world where we all diligently strive for a harmonious existence, violence may still rend our skin and shatter our bones.

If soldiers find themselves witnessing the imminent slaughtering of innocents, should we expect them to use words rather than immediate forceful intervention? I envision a world where such an option is effective, where words alone can instantly dispel the rage and fear that fuels violence, but the practical reality is that until these peaceful ideals are proven to reliably work, a person’s life should not be wagered on them.

I propose then that violent action should be strictly reactive. Never proactive. Violence should be the very last, desperate recourse. Used only to counter an immediate moment of distress. It’s purpose should be the instant return to a viably peaceful state for all concerned.


2 thoughts on “Fri Mar 13 1:18 PM 2015

    1. Well,

      I just can’t help thinking we can strive do better overall as a species. I wish the peace in my life can spill over into the lives of others. Even if it’s just equivalent to a drop in an ocean, it would be worth it. To that end, I hold the values stated above.
      I realize that I live a relatively safe, average north american life. I know it’s fairly easy for me to avoid aggression and violence and then talk about pacifism.
      The best I’ve got so far is to just hold on to this value as hard as I can in everyday life. Especially when things aren’t going my way, that’s when it matters most.

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