I can deliberately recall any memory with vivid clarity and coherence.

I can recall a memory with clarity and coherence.

I can effectively relate thoughts, visions and sentiments.


2015-06(Jun)-11-Thu-22:00 (entry 2/2)

The body may destroy itself to verify if the mind will continue bettering itself without hardship. If we cannot prove that we can continue to grow and better ourselves without being forced to by outside forces, then we would be doomed to eventually fall in the face of adversity. We would stop growing. Our species would fall into atrophy and become irrelevant. Mortality has been necessary to ensure the survival and progress of our kind by providing a compelling motivator. We HAVE to live, because we can die. If we could not die, would we bother to continue living, even after millions of years?

If we maintain a forward momentum and deliberately move forwards, learning, bettering ourselves, living, if we managed this without being forced to by practical realities, we may win the right to immortality and take a step towards divinity. We may be mortal to ensure we learn volition. Once we learn we will evolve without having to do so through an iterative process.

Volition without need.

Change without compulsion.

2015-06(Jun)-11-Thu-22:00 (entry 1/2)

– I always get where I’m going.

– I always achieve my goals.

– I achieve my goals.

A personal observation.

I have a habit of adding adverbs and adjectives to my proclamations. “Always” indicates that there is more than one instance. Therefore insinuating a past or future or both. If the subconscious doesn’t comprehend anything outside of the present, then the proclamation may be rejected out of aversion before consideration.

Other such words may include “absolute” or “only”. If something is absolute, then there is something that is not. If you only want a specific thing, then there are things you don’t want.

Perhaps my obsession with ensuring that my actions have only effects that all concerned would deem favourable is impeding potency. The concern itself is sound, but perhaps I should reevaluate whether it’s application is having the intended effect.

– I am mindful of the effectiveness of my wording.

– I word my sentiments effectively.

– People understand what I mean.


(iterative writing)

Nothing but good things are on the horizon for humanity.

Nothing but good things are on the horizon for the inhabitants of this planet.

Nothing but good things are on the horizon.

Only good things are on the horizon.

The horizons are clear.

The horizon is favourable.

2015-06(Jun)-06-Sat-14:37 (entry 4/4)

Find a saying, a wish, a desire, a proclamation, affirmation, what have you, and repeat it to yourself incessantly for about 5-10 minutes. See how you feel about it then. Make sure you respect all the usual  wording recommendations; present tense, positive, constructive, focus  on what you actually want, say it like it is already reality…

2015-06(Jun)-06-Sat-14:37 (entry 3/4)


I am very, very, very, very… VERY… observant.

I am also very very very (you get the idea) … good at transcribing my thoughts in full and making them easily understood by others. There must be a word for that. Is there? Do I need to make one up? Surely the english language can describe this sentiment in a single word. If not, then it damn well should.

My ability to learn is infinite.

My ability to adapt is infinite.

My volition is deliberate.

My Will is clear.

My expression is precise.

I want us to need no help. If we need help, there is room for us to learn and grow in potency. We strive to master our conditions every day. We want to do well. We like nice things. Things that work. Things that delight. We should try to make ourselves those qualities as well. Let’s grow as a species. Let’s be aware of what’s going on so we stop smacking our faces into everything. It means we’re going to have to trust each other, to listen to each other, to work together.

I will make this go off without a hitch. All affected will be “cool with it”, according to stylizations current as of this writing.