Visualizing time as an infinite root or branch system does feel appropriate, if simplistic. Forward progression can follow any path. Certain things cannot happen without a certain sequence of events, or paths, connecting them.

You can chose a point ahead of yourself and follow a winding path to that outcome or destiny. The further ahead you look, the more junctions you have to consider, but also the more possible routes you may follow. Even when one junction is missed, if the destiny is far enough ahead, or vague in it’s details, there may be multiple paths leading to what would effectively be the same outcome.

These divergences, these divisions, are they caused by life?

Inanimate objects follow the path of least resistance and therefore only follow one straight line, one way things can go. A mathematical equation without variables. The advent of choice, of life, the substantial probability that some matter can follow a path other than the one of least resistance, would make the timeline explode into infinite possible directions. The further ahead you look, the more the branches would appear to blend together into generalizations. Like timeline galaxies, and galaxy clusters, and super clusters, and universes.

(addendum while queuing on WordPress 2015-07(jul)-05-05:56)

We are still limited by the natural laws. We cannot yet materialize a car out of the ether, but a freak sequence of events could, in theory,  within moments, allow a car to be in our possession. The assertion of “manifesters” is that, by our will, we can deliberately cause this to happen.

Our best current understanding of reality allows for a probability that the laws that govern the universe can break themselves. The probability may be low enough to dismiss, but it is undeniably there. Could this be the evolutionary path of existence? To be bound by the path of least resistance until choice arises. Once choice has been mastered and we move freely along chosen paths, we learn to be free of natural limitations, achieving what we would view as godhood from our current perspective. So; inert, sentient, divine.


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