2015-05(May)-25-Mon-20:02 (entry 3/3)

I apreciate the compulsion to strive for exelence, but why are there laws imposed on one of our main forms or comunication? I don’t even mean freedom of speach or other legislature, I’m talking about correctednes of language. Spelling laws. Gramatical laws. syntax laws. Such that the medium becomes less about expression amd more about rules and limitations.

Why does it irritate people so much? Do they feel it belittles all the effort they’ve put into learning the rules themselves? If the message is acurately transmited, then the contention is purely superficial. It is an insistance on preserving and enforcing institution ‘cause not walking the line is bad and must be oposed.

(Note to self; do not spell check or edit this entry, for TeeHees (sic))


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