2015-06(Jun)-11-Thu-22:00 (entry 1/2)

– I always get where I’m going.

– I always achieve my goals.

– I achieve my goals.

A personal observation.

I have a habit of adding adverbs and adjectives to my proclamations. “Always” indicates that there is more than one instance. Therefore insinuating a past or future or both. If the subconscious doesn’t comprehend anything outside of the present, then the proclamation may be rejected out of aversion before consideration.

Other such words may include “absolute” or “only”. If something is absolute, then there is something that is not. If you only want a specific thing, then there are things you don’t want.

Perhaps my obsession with ensuring that my actions have only effects that all concerned would deem favourable is impeding potency. The concern itself is sound, but perhaps I should reevaluate whether it’s application is having the intended effect.

– I am mindful of the effectiveness of my wording.

– I word my sentiments effectively.

– People understand what I mean.


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