Sigils have to be double charged. You make it, focus on it while visualizing it’s intent as vividly as possible. Charge it. At the moment of gnosis, you have to be so vividly invested that you are for all intents and puposes “there”. Put the charged sigil in a folder or something until it cannot be identified anymore. The initial charging may cause your reality to fall into a path where your desire becomes reality. A strong Will can even invoke the chaos theory and bend or even circumvent some rules of probability.

After a time. If you find the initial charge was insufficient, pull the sigil back out and charge it as often as possible. Every day. More than once a day. A dozen days or more in a row if you are able. How much effort, how much dedication are you willing to invest?

Most would simply have such clear vision and imagination as to picture a list of ways reality can fall in line with their desires and pick one of those paths. The more probable and “realistic” the path, the easier it is to follow.

We all get to chose the path we follow. Time can split infinitely. You can chose your outcomes and follow a path to them.


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