2015-08(Aug)-17-Mon-04:25 (entry 2/2)

(mild language, sensitives beware)

We’re trying to accomplish something as a species, right? I want to help. Let’s get this shit done. Let’s own this thing. What other contemporary colloquialism could I spout? Git ‘er dun?

Do you feel a general sense of direction in the human species? I do. I like being efficient. I like taking the approach of planning and preparing until a campaign is so masterfully waged that it achieves total effectiveness and accounts for every possible consideration. I like understanding. I want to initiate a choice. Let’s choose who we wish to be. Shouldn’t we? Do we believe that is currently a common practice for our species?

Thus have we entered phase one. Assessment. Observation. Understanding through questioning. A norse classic. Once we understand where we currently are, or who we currently we are in this case, then we’ll choose our desired state.

Once we have those two points we enter phase two; planing and execution. Here, we need simply draw the shortest agreeable path of least resistance between who we are and who we wish to become. The line will be studied and measured until we finally exert a masterful move. The studying part will also include clarifying what we consider to be masterful and agreeable.

Then we celebrate. I’ll be eating cake and cookies.


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