I’ve always craved having a sense of direction. I feel confident I’ve observed others display this same craving.

It almost seems like reality occasionally plays with foreordination. I had been compiling these thoughts on my laptop since 2013. I started posting them online first on Tumblr in late 2014 then on WordPress in early 2015. I hadn’t stopped writing so the backlog was sustained for a time. Now it has run out. It just happens to have run out at a time when I feel the first stage of this project is at a point of transition.

I wont pretend to understand reality enough to comment authoritatively on the workings of the universe and time, so please forgive the insinuation of there being a “script” of sorts. The truth is, I just don’t know. Regardless, I think it’s time to take this project to a subsequent stage.

I have glossed over many subjects I feel strongly about. I will be overviewing the breadth of this compilation and trying to consolidate entries that touch on the same subjects or notions. I will need to finalize keyword associations for all entries to facilitate this process.

I will then dissect the subjects and apply them to reality in as simple and versatile a manner as possible.

I’ll see where I feel like going with things then.

In the meantime, post scheduling will be affected. I don’t know how or to what extent. The project will move forward.


2015-08(Aug)-18-Tue-02:11 (entry 1/2)


picture your desired state as vividly as possible. Any detail you can presently replicate, do so.

Get cleaned up then sit and visualize a successful meeting. Sling your guitar over your shoulder, wear your stage clothes and play your hearth out while visualizing a successful gig. Sit in the room you’ll be sitting in when you close a deal.

If embarrassment overcomes your desire to achieve what you intend, if the thought of “what if it doesn’t work?” affects your actions, then feel free to disregard this approach.