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The considerable means available to me are just as available to everyone else.


2015-12(Dec)-28-Mon-03:23 (entry 2/2)

Futur idea to explore:

Something about musicians and how they focus on the feeling of satisfaction from either exteriorizing or connecting, and whether this observation applies to other fields or circumstances.

( incomplete treatment written on 2016-07(Jul)-25-1852)

Having performed music on hundreds of occasions, with hundreds of different musicians, I have observed different approaches.

There are some who have a feeling within them that they want to externalize. A thrill they are seeking, if you will. This can become their main focus, at times to the detriment of all other considerations, pursuing their ambition with such fervour that they will clash with other inputs, or simply steamroll over them. In some extreme occasions, I have witnessed some view other people’s creative input as a hinderance to their own vision. Understand, however, that in most circumstances, they may or may not do so consciously, the very nature of music can be prohibitive to conscious self-examination. The trick is to be considerate, but thoughtless.

Then there are the explorers. They come to a situations intending to observe the environment, the dynamics at play, the individual inputs and how they blend together.

2015-12(Dec)-09-Wed-21:07 (entry 2/3)

What if there were high energy lifeforms. An organizing of matter at very high levels of stress, radiation, gravity, density…

Imagine a matter cloud blasted by a star exciting molecules that bond in complex ways. The matter eventually forms clusters of slightly denser matter that reacts to it’s environment in complex ways to preserve its “self”. Millions of years later, the matter has become so organized and reactive that it must be considered aware, even if in astronomical time scales.

What would this “life” resemble after billions of years adapting to it’s environment. Would it seek to prepare for what will be rather than simply react to what is? Would it explore? Would it create? Would it seek to understand?