2016-03(Mar)-23-Wed-22:34 (entry 1/2)

(affirmation)(iterative writing)

  • Recoding and relating my thoughts in full is easy.
  • I record and relate my thoughts in full.
  • Record and relate thoughts in full.


Can I be entertained by something devoid of conflict? Conflict-less stories are rare. I do generally like music to be about facing and/or overcoming conflict.

I have a deep appreciation of high contrasts in visual arts. Though I do like a soft pastel.

Humour often is about some kind of conflict or contradiction when you really dissect it.

If conflict, as even a concept, was removed from my existence, things would be very different indeed. I wonder what it would take to make it work. I’d even settle for knowing why it could fail.

2016-02(Feb)-19-Fri-22:44 (entry 1/2)

(This post is stream of though. I don’t know how to edit and file it, so I decided to leave it as is for now. The “thank you” is just gratefulness for the ability to think these thoughts.)

Sooner or later, humanity as a whole will have to come to terms with it’s fears.

Thank you.

Spirituality is figuring out how deep you can bring consciousness.

Do we know where we are running?

We have to learn to love living

We should learn to understand infinity

I want to facilitate for others