Choose your path freely, but do so consciously and commit to it.



(iterative writing)

– I need to raise myself to deserve better. So far, it’s working.

– I raise myself to deserve better.

– Raise yourself to deserve better.

– You will deserve better if you raise yourself.

– Deserve better by raising yourself.

2016-03(Mar)-24-Mar-05:58 (entry 2/5)

You have limitations, you are not a god.

Yeah, we kinda know, we’ve been chanting it long enough to know the lyrics by heart.

I’d just like to be able to choose freely. Some of these limitations are becoming handicaps. If we wait too long before learning to master our conditions, we face a very real possibility of not making it. Cataclysmic cosmic events happen out there all the time, whether the planets or systems are inhabited or not. We need to step up our game as a species.

I’d like to know if there’s a good way of doing that. I want it to be agreeable on every level for all affected. Like, the path of least resistance to perfection. Resistance being limitation, so I guess the path of least limitation could also be an apt description.