(I have been trying to properly convey this thought for years now. I’ve lost track of what iteration number this would be.)

I dare the world. (in ways that are safe for all affected) Keep me sated. Keep me rested and relaxed. Keep me free of mundane concerns. Clear the fog and cobwebs in my mind. Enliven me. Inspire me. Give me hope. Give me time. Keep me interested. Make me care. Give me an opening. An opportunity to foster a world where everyone can choose to do and accomplish anything.

I just need one clear shot. I will perform a masterstroke and initiate a concerted effort to get everyone to choose where we want to go, cause right now, I don’t think anyone even considers it worth thinking about. We can choose where we want to go as a species. We can totally make it happen too. We are that good. I say we become creators.Let’s take it as far as we can. Let’s be the best we can be. Let’s learn and try again. The cycle continues. Get’s better every time. Of course, I would take action only when in full understanding of the options and effects possible. I want things to be better. Just plain better. Why would we stagnate? Why would we go backwards? Are we not supposed to try to be better today than we were yesterday? (need to verify this wording initiates only positive effects)


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