Why do we age? Human physiognomy evolved to grow all the right parts and be ready to reproduce as fast as conditions allow. Once everything is ready to go, we get an overwhelming shot of  hormones to compel reproduction.

But there is a new factor in evolution; survival. We used to not survive very long past growing a child to self-reliance and had to make kids fast before something inevitably killed us. But then we had to go and build shit and figure out fire, electricity, atoms. So now, after the hormone boost we used to need, and the kids have matured and left the roost… well, the purpose is gone but we’re still here. Do we just default to being the grand parents? Taking care of successive generations of the progeny and “enjoying life”?

I’d like to focus on shaping the whole of humanity. Of course I would enjoy life as well, we invented cake and cookies and good beer for a reason.


2016-09(Sep)-12-Mon-0200 (entry 2/2)

What I want is a path where we stay out of everyone else’s way. I don’t like being unnecessarily upset and I don’t want to upset others. I want everyone else’s way to be clear of obstacles or perils.

2016-08(Aug)-30-Tue-0111 (entry 3/3)

If the akashic field is real, containing all the information that comprises existence, reality’s blueprint really, does it have some sort of google to help navigate it? Because if it doesn’t, one might be tempted to declare that the field is to be used only by those with the mental capacity for omniscience, prohibiting usage by humans or other limited minds not ready for such access. Although the cleverness and ingenuity required to develop infrastructure that increases ones ability, in the form of, say, a search engine, could be argued to count as notable wisdom, and even mastery.

We are a society.  Some of us are smart. Some are strong. Some are creative. Some like to create. Some like to build. Some like to think. We develop infrastructures where everyone contributes and we all progress as one. This incredible diversity makes us so adaptable and gives us such a broad range of wisdom that I say we are indeed worthy of godhood… as soon as the pimples clear up and we finish puberty. Soon though.