I want a clear visual of a better version of us. Something I can believe in and care about.


2016-09(Sep)-19-Mon-0434 (entry 2/2)

In our endlessly innovative quest for resources we will eventually reach a stage where we can transmute any matter or energy into anything we can imagine. Our relentless gathering of resources has so far been voracious and creative enough to justify this extrapolation.

If we continue consuming and expanding, we will eventually clear our asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt and even the Oort cloud of mass to build whatever we can imagine. Then entire moons in designated star systems. Over time we will consume planets of all kinds, striping solar systems bare. We will figure out how to consume certain types of stars for even greater amounts of mass  and energy and create wonders beyond our current capacity to imagine. Then we will progress to the more extreme stars. Then nebula. Entire star clusters.

There may be a far distant future where we have consumed our satellite galaxies and built entire realms in our design. We will build everything, by destroying everything. We will be the impetus of a new cycle. A new Big Bang once called humanity.


Or we can learn to live without needing to consume like a plague of godling locusts.


(not iterative writing, present the repeat as part of text)

We live in an infinite universe of infinite possibility.

There is always a way. You just have to find it.

I want to learn to freely navigate possibility.

We live in an infinite universe of infinite possibility. Probability, however, varies wildly, and there are dramatic improbabilities that lead us to perceive “laws” we believe are all but immutable.

There is always a way. There is a sequence of events that lead to a desired condition, or at least well into the “realistically possible” end of the probability spectrum. You just have to find it.

I want to learn to freely navigate possibility. We need to be worthy of this. All of us. We cannot continue to be a random force of destruction and consumption. Would that be the best we could do, if we developed agency over reality? I want us to be truly worthy of godhood.

2016-09(Sep)-15-Thu-0412 (entry 4/4)

Spend time in meditation focussing on how you want to feel. How it will feel to be in that moment. Will your imagination to simulate that state.

At the least, you’ll have a clearer vision of what to look for, in addition to immediately understanding and recognizing the feeling if and when you finally come across it in day to day life. This will allow you to pursue the feeling further.