2017-04(Apr)-10-Mon-0252 (entry 1/2)

(Blog note: My computer had died and I had no access for some time. Regular posting is now resuming.)

Some principals I have accumulated (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • All are equal. None are ever above or beneath another.
  • Be kind. Do not harm, take from, or limit another.
  • Anyone can do anything they care to. Caring about what you are doing makes it much easier.
  • Be mindful of every consequence your actions may have upon all that may be affected.
  • Objective understanding opens up options and provides precision in final effect.
  • Rationalism and emotions are devoid of significance on their own. Humanity’s blessing is to reconcile and master both.

Thu Nov 06 3:22 AM 2014 (entry 3/3)

I seek a magic switch we can throw. If none exists, I will make one. It will be endlessly adaptable and dynamic. It will make us all value the existence we inhabit. It will be founded on the appreciation of diversity. Reliant on balanced and respectful practices. It will foster a new era of human trust and compassion.

Should we not strive for the ultimate virtue? Why hold a dispirited view of the amount of morality life can realistically accommodate? We have raised cities, flown to space, discovered so many wonderful truths about the inner workings of all we perceive. We can learn to create a utopian society if enough of us want it.

Thank you.