The purpose of ESIA is to have a simulator where scenarios can be run and favourable outcomes can be worked out. A way of succinctly interacting with all aspects of my subconscious. A way of clarifying a vision, enabling accurate and detailed expression. A skill that can easily be taught to others. I intend to use this skill to better myself. To see just how good I can get. As fast and effortlessly as I can. Then, facilitate the same for any who would care for such.


I want to make things better for everyone. I want us to move forward rather than linger in a state that is undesirable to even a single person.

Some problems are caused by other, more fundamental problems. What is the deepest, most fundamental problem humanity is afflicted with that I can definitively fix so we can be free of a long list of related woes and move forward?


I want to create a moment where every human takes time to think of what they want their species to become, to strive towards. We will suddenly have over 7 billion options to consider. Then, every individual gets to browse that pool of ideas and chose who they become.

Finding a viable and realistic path that would satisfy all will be all but assured.

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I want to create a moment where every human ponders what direction they want their species to strive towards. With over 7 billion individual answers, surely a myriad of realistically achievable and fulfilling paths will arise that would please all affected.

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(mild language, sensitives beware)

We’re trying to accomplish something as a species, right? I want to help. Let’s get this shit done. Let’s own this thing. What other contemporary colloquialism could I spout? Git ‘er dun?

Do you feel a general sense of direction in the human species? I do. I like being efficient. I like taking the approach of planning and preparing until a campaign is so masterfully waged that it achieves total effectiveness and accounts for every possible consideration. I like understanding. I want to initiate a choice. Let’s choose who we wish to be. Shouldn’t we? Do we believe that is currently a common practice for our species?

Thus have we entered phase one. Assessment. Observation. Understanding through questioning. A norse classic. Once we understand where we currently are, or who we currently we are in this case, then we’ll choose our desired state.

Once we have those two points we enter phase two; planing and execution. Here, we need simply draw the shortest agreeable path of least resistance between who we are and who we wish to become. The line will be studied and measured until we finally exert a masterful move. The studying part will also include clarifying what we consider to be masterful and agreeable.

Then we celebrate. I’ll be eating cake and cookies.


I want access to the collective consciousness to propose a minor course adjustments in the overall progress of humanity.

We should learn to value diversity.

We should learn to have faith in the human race.

We should learn to expand what we allow ourselves to believe is possible.

We should have more forethought.

We should try to understand rather than assume.

We should learn to consciously choose who we want to be an the impact we wish to have on the world.

We should learn to be clear and open with our intents, with ourselves and with others.