What I really want is to contribute in the greatest way possible.


2016-09(Sep)-21-Wed-0917 (entry 2/2)

Step 1:

Gain access to the global collective consciousness as a harmless public personality, musician, artist, writer, philosopher, commentator.

Also, find another word for harmless, that doesn’t use negative prefixes or suffixes or words that represent something to be avoided.

Step 2:

Provoke the worldwide consideration of values such as; equality, diversity, responsibility, and choice.


The purpose of ESIA is to have a simulator where scenarios can be run and favourable outcomes can be worked out. A way of succinctly interacting with all aspects of my subconscious. A way of clarifying a vision, enabling accurate and detailed expression. A skill that can easily be taught to others. I intend to use this skill to better myself. To see just how good I can get. As fast and effortlessly as I can. Then, facilitate the same for any who would care for such.


I want to make things better for everyone. I want us to move forward rather than linger in a state that is undesirable to even a single person.

Some problems are caused by other, more fundamental problems. What is the deepest, most fundamental problem humanity is afflicted with that I can definitively fix so we can be free of a long list of related woes and move forward?


I want to create a moment where every human takes time to think of what they want their species to become, to strive towards. We will suddenly have over 7 billion options to consider. Then, every individual gets to browse that pool of ideas and chose who they become.

Finding a viable and realistic path that would satisfy all will be all but assured.

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I want to create a moment where every human ponders what direction they want their species to strive towards. With over 7 billion individual answers, surely a myriad of realistically achievable and fulfilling paths will arise that would please all affected.