I want to create a world where everyone smiles every day.


2017-01(Jan)-19-Thu-0900 (entry 3/3)

I want to make sure I get things done. This is serious. Things need to change and I intend to do something about it. This is important and I want to make certain that it’s done right, that all impact, known or otherwise, is agreeable to all affected. I want the chosen scenario to be achieved.

2016-09(Sep)-21-Wed-0917 (entry 2/2)

Step 1:

Gain access to the global collective consciousness as a harmless public personality, musician, artist, writer, philosopher, commentator.

Also, find another word for harmless, that doesn’t use negative prefixes or suffixes or words that represent something to be avoided.

Step 2:

Provoke the worldwide consideration of values such as; equality, diversity, responsibility, and choice.

The intent of this blog

I’m trying to understand and find my way. I’m hoping to find some wisdom that could help, and publishing this search in case it can help others. If you find this blog, please choose for yourself to take it or leave it. I don’t like the idea of forcing my views or thoughts on anyone, hence making the blog publicly available but not promoting it other than tagging it for searches.

In order to “get it down” before the train of thought is lost, some of this is written down hastily. Ideas may be unfinished, poorly developed or woefully out of context. Sometimes, I don’t even understand what I write. Sometimes I end up outright disagreeing with what I write. The tone can be jarringly uneven at times.

I try to keep my headspace peaceful and inquisitive, but it can get a bit harsh or… weird, sometimes. This blog is MOSLTY devoid of profanity or adult themes, but if a post is less than G rated, I’ll try to label it as such. Nothing here is to be considered “definitive” or “authoritative”. it’s just what I find in my head, transcribed as best I can.

In an attempt to achieve more clarity, posts are periodically reviewed and edited. I’d like to see if a patern or progression can be observed, so posts are named by date of original writing. It is my intent to queue posts daily until the backlog runs out. New posts are still being written and will be added after the backlog as they come.

May the final balance be conducive to a favourable existence for all.