Over time, I have found that my posts seem to fall into certain categories. Here are some common examples.


To change reality, one must envision a new one. I formulate a statement that I want to turn into a truth about myself.  The idea is to repeat these statements until my desire for them to be truth overcomes my inhibitions, insecurities or other mental blockages.


A witty punchline is easier for me to remember than a block of text. Sometimes I manage to express a thought or observation in a memorable way. I files these under “aphorisms”.

Essays and musings

I am obsessed with understanding the truth, so I question and deconstruct everything from my own perception to social paradigms. I also file idle musings and though dalliances into this category. I also dump stuff I can’t make sense of in this.

Iterative writing

Turning a feeling or notion into an english statement that can be accurately translated by others back into the very same feeling or notion is the basis of effective communication. Sometimes, changing even a single word can make a world of difference. Swing often enough and eventually you’ll hit your mark.

Motive statement

It is important to know exacly what I am trying to accomplish. It helps me find as efficient a path as possible.


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