I have a wild imagination and I’m an idealist. I come up with positive scenarios. I overcome cynicism. I overcome pessimism. I conjure a happy outcome for all. I find a path to a better state regardless of the current position. I know the possibilities are endless. I browse and navigate them.



I wish to establish a path from mediocrity to greatness. A path anyone can follow.

Trying to put the weight of the world on your shoulders doesn’t work. If the world is water and it is being held back by a dam, trying to sling the reservoir over your shoulder and carrying it over the dam just doesn’t work. I want to dig a small hole in the dam. One that anyone can fit through. Given time, water will widen the hole and the flow will increase. Water will be freed.

You don’t want the hole to be such that the dam would crack or collapse. The sudden release of pent up tension would qualify as an upheaval. It would be destructive. The release must be gradual, orderly. The water can not all be sent in the same direction at the same time, that would cause flooding. Different outlets must be available.

2017-01(Jan)-31-Tue-1029 (entry 3/3)

(2017-10(Oct)-18-1447 posting note: The “relax time” mentioned in this entry refers to increasing weariness from this log session.)

I shall endeavour to conduct myself in such a way that my belief structure could acceptably be, in some future, used as the foundation of an entire culture, natural or manufactured, while ensuring fully beneficial effect to all affected.

Relax time commencing.

I grew up in an outpost of humanity. It is available to me to choose that it may be of some impact on my character.

K, relaxing for real now.

I want only access to any and all states that would be beneficial to all affected.

I’m going to do the single masterly perfect shot to open this access for all who care would.

Then, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a good time with plenty to share with anyone who wants it.

I want to open up our options, all the options so anyone can choose whatever they want. I want the right to choose. What do I have to do to earn that right? To be so deserving that I find it in my path.

I like to take my time. I like having that option to choose whenever I wish.

If you are being loud, you are representing the entire species, all life, the very concept of life itself. Be aware of who you are being and seek the infinitely good of all.

2017-01(Jan)-31-Tue-1029 (entry 2/3)

I Shall pursue an “ever better” mentality.

I believe that language affects collective mentality. It is what we communicate to others. If we are not precise, there will be needless disagreements that will have negative impacts on our ability to be stronger together. This is important and should never be disregarded.

Therefore; putting a concerted effort towards effective communication is the only acceptable approach.

(This is incomplete, parts where lost before recording and are written down with the intent of trying to fill in the missing blancs as best as can be managed. It hit a bit fast and I stumbled in my thoughts.)

2017-01(Jan)-31-Tue-1029 (entry 1/3)

(2017-10(Oct)-18-1333 posting overview note: Sometimes an idea or feeling comes to me at a time where I just can’t wrap my brain around it, and it slips away before I manage to catalog it. I keep these entries to acknowledge the imperfections of my process at the time. The next three entries are awkward and incomplete. There’s also a single “F” bomb in there, sensitives beware.)


(wow this is getting intense and first pass recording is at about 40ish percent. I intend to go over it again once energy availability allows-shit I think even that part was important-.)

I would like to preface.

I like being alone. Or rather, I like intense quiet, contrasted with unrestrained outbursts and a beautiful spectrum in between.

I want to write code in myself and see where that leads me, see what use I can make of my own faculties to be helpful and happy as fuck. I want life to be a beautiful experience full of whatever you want in life. There’s lots of people who (…) (my train of thought must of veered off here)

Only if everyone affected benefits.

I want to write code to ensure my actions benefit everyone affected.

We need to communicate our conception* better. *: please tell me your dictionary includes the following: Conception 2 the way in which something is perceived or regarded. With some example provided.

2017-01(Jan)-21-Sat-0900ish (entry 1/2)

To become better at communicating, I need to increase the A.I. of visualized conversation scenarios. To up the level of difficulty, if you will. That way I won’t be projecting stupidity onto the other participants of practice exchanges. Don’t tailor their speech to make responding easy. Don’t stack the cards in my favour and make it easy to communicate effectively. Because I have observed actual conversations to not just fall into perfect shape. Everyone else has something to say. I would visualize these exercises as unrealistic monologues, but I want to tailor my interactions to instantly adapt to fluid conditions. I want to be able to face the unpredictable.

I vow to project greater intellect and relevance onto others. I will respect them. I will consider their perspective as valid, well thought and relevant. This is how I want the world to be.