When are the spikes in our historical prosperity chart? I’m sure post-war periods are a common spike. In war, a society gets very focussed, the sudden increase in efficiency and drive persists even after the war is over (provided there is still a capacity for productivity). With the fighting done, that momentum of productivity is focussed on other advancements.

It just sucks that it took a war to rally that amount of focus. But good news! It doesn’t have to be war we focus on, it could be other things too, and it would still work just as well.

We could go to other star systems, advance technology that would provide equal and ample bounty for everyone on the planet, develop a fair and stable social system… There is no shortage of projects we could be focussing our significant capabilities towards.



Kids tend to be a bit reckless with their actions.

If the consequences of your actions are negative, then the world around you will be negative. If your actions have positive consequences in the world around you, then you will live in a positive environment. This is the principal of alignment, how like attracts like. Think of your actions in the world as a magnetic field, shifting everything around you into alignment with you. Some peoples’ fields are stronger than others. Their actions make stronger waves arounds them. Some people are more influential than others.

We grow up not paying attention to how we affect the world around us. Then we get older and more powerful. We have much more impact on our surroundings. We all know from experience how some of us learn to be mindful of those consequences, and others… less so. So we end up with a person who uncontrollably makes a lot of waves and messes everything up for everyone else. A disruptive person.

Humanity, as a whole, is in it’s teenager period. We still haven’t all learned to care about how we affect the world around us. Things get messy. Sloppy even. Our impulses are still sometimes stronger than our mindfulness. We are learning, though. We are getting better at paying attention. We are becoming adults. We just have to make sure we keep our childhood joy and wonderment and not get all cynical and/or jaded.

We should start making plans, too. Who do we want to become? What we want to accomplish? 


Quality is not cheap. If you keep a population poor, you can have most of the consumer market compete on price rather than quality. You can perpetually sell products devoid of craftsmanship that are mass produced as cheaply as possible and people will buy them because they know it’s what they can afford.

By keeping progressively smaller but visible slices of society higher and higher up the ladder capable of affording expensive quality products, you keep the general population longing for a better existence, incentivizing them to continue working and buying.

We are very visual animals and having beacons in plain sight – such as “celebrities”, lotteries, and such – will keep us motivated to endure hardship. At the same time, parts of the poor population can be made to act selfishly or even turn against their own for an opportunity to rise to the next social echelon, undermining the occasional impulse to unite and change the overall balance. Carrot, stick, blinders…

If I were an unscrupulous magnate, I would find this system tempting.


Some people like the idea of “nature”, but can’t stand the reality of it. They want plants and rocks and water in a nice frame, with clear borders so it doesn’t spill over into their clean, organized world. They want to be able to look at it once in a while and say “how pretty”. That’s not nature, that’s a decoration.


(Publication note: this is another fresh batch of mental diarrhea. I think I know what I was going for, but it’s a bit idiotic. Again, this is a warts-and-all journaling of a draft for a hypothetical final publication.)

When you zoom in to observe human activity, the day-to-day, it seems very chaotic, difficult to direct or even affect. To see any kind of direction, you have to pull back and look at the macro. Societies as a whole over centuries, or at least decades. That you can guide and have the waves be felt for millennia.


I look to the future but don’t see it clearly enough. My mind fills in the gaps with what it has available to it. If my imagination isn’t strong, it’ll default to what it knows; the past. I am imprinting the past onto the future. In effect, I am chasing my past, thinking that I am chasing a future. I am chasing more of what I don’t want or want to leave behind, because I don’t know clearly enough what I do want.

I need to clarify my vision. Intensify it. Learn to draw it, write it, speak it, sing it… learn to experience what it is I seek. Learn to vividly imagine original thoughts and concepts. Expand on my perception of what is available to me by imagining something original.

It’ll be easier to find if I know what it is.


Remain energized. If you are not coursing energy through your system, it’ll start shutting down. Power back up and your systems will reboot and regenerate as they can while fully powered. This is youth. Yes, your body has a millage limit. There is a balance to strike. Too much work will wear your system down faster than it can regenerate. Too little activity (or lack of purpose) will cause atrophy.