Oh, how I seek to harness reality. To bend it to my will. To be worthy of doing so.



Find your calling. One that resonates with you.

If you don’t always seem to get what you want, perhaps you don’t know what you want enough to see where it lies. It’s out there. It might be buried, hidden, blocked, but if you truly walk the path you proclaimed, you will find a way. Perhaps even clear the way for any who would follow.

Only under extreme circumstances is the path nonexistent. Even then, opportunities can arise in odd fashion.


Tradition is continuing a behaviour or activity after its original purpose and relevance have expired. It is the exact opposite of evolution.

Any tradition was, initially, a necessary thing. But, as time went on, it was maintained only due to attachment. If it is still relevant, then it isn’t really tradition first and foremost, it’s just the proper way of doing things. Doing things properly is usually the intent of innovation. Once we get to the point of “doing it just because we’ve been doing it” (i.e., tradition), then we are no longer honouring the original spirit of the act.


Nothing can be created. You can only rearrange what already exists. Do you know why we can’t create even a single original atom? Because to do so we’d have to create an entire universe. Obviously there are conditions where a universe can be created, we are here after all, but let’s master navigating this one, first.


Amendment to the plan:

Rather than present notions to be considered, I would ask questions. The right questions linger in ones mind if unanswered. They cause contemplation, which promotes mindfulness.

I have faith in humanity. If the average person is mindful and conscious of their decisions, if they contemplate deeply and consider all the options, if they fully understand the possible effects of their decisions, they will choose to be good.

Being good is the practical option if the full equation is considered.


What if I had power?

I want the world to be as good as it can be for everyone. I would seek the perfect balance.

However, if I am honest with myself (and one can never be anything but honest to oneself subconsciously) I can be disdainful, vindictive, and self righteous. I feel I might be holding myself back from developing agency over the world around me to keep from dealing with the person I could easily become.

I need to change how I respond to irritation and frustration. I need to rewire myself. I need to make myself worthy of the ability to reshape the world.


I want to know: what’s the perfect form or state or condition that we can work towards? A goal that would be agreeable for everyone and that avoids harming, taking from, or limiting another. Where everyone can know fulfilment. What does that version of humanity look like? How does it work? How do we get there?