2017-12(Dec)-29-Fri-0809 (entry 3/3)

Anytime I say something like “one must (this or that)”, “you have to (x)”, “you want to (so and so)”, “make sure to (…)”…

I make certain that it would feel OK to word it in the first person. “I” must this or that. “I” have to x, “I” want to so and so. “I” always make sure to…

It scrapes off a real thick laver of bullshit.

I say it in the first person. If it makes me feel icky, I don’t say it in the second, third or any other person.


2017-12(Dec)-29-Fri-0809 (entry 2/3)

I want the ability to choose who I am. To choose everything. I would choose everything.

I love living in other peoples’ communal creation. It’s fun, you never know what’s gonna come up. But I so dearly love customization. I love options. I want options with a few preset settings that can also be customized. Fuck!, that’d be cool.

2017-12(Dec)-29-Fri-0809 (entry 1/3)

Let’s say you have a magic wand that’ll grant any wish, even the wish for more wishes. You have carte blanche, a blank check, total creative freedom. You can change the very laws of physics. You can create the most perfect world your imagination can come up with.

What does that world look like?

For me, seeing that image and comparing it to how reality currently is offers great insight into a person’s approach to the world, their decision making. How they perceive and interface with their environment.


Find your calling. One that resonates with you.

If you don’t always seem to get what you want, perhaps you don’t know what you want enough to see where it lies. It’s out there. It might be buried, hidden, blocked, but if you truly walk the path you proclaimed, you will find a way. Perhaps even clear the way for any who would follow.

Only under extreme circumstances is the path nonexistent. Even then, opportunities can arise in odd fashion.