This is a raw, largely unedited backlog of entries. I keep an up-to-date version of this queued up to avoid loss of material. If I ever just stop updating this blog for whatever reason, at least everything that was yet to be edited and posted would be available, in a rough state. May it be of some help.





Some principals I have accumulated (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • None are ever above or beneath another.
  • Do not harm, take from, or limit another (still trying to word that in positives).
  • Anyone can do anything they care to.
  • Be mindful of every consequence your actions have.
  • Understanding opens up options.


Getting one’s passion going may seem difficult when starting from an inactive state, but think of it as starting a lawn mower. It takes quite of bit of energy to crank the engine into a chain reaction. Once it’s going, however, it requires no effort at all to produce plenty of energy and make things happen. You just need to do that initial push.


How can we be individuals and be as one at the same time?

Are there different colours? Isn’t there a distinct difference between yellow and green? Of course there is. Yet when seen on the spectrum, the delineation is not as evident. Only when seen from a distance can we distinguish a gradual separation. But when seen from even further away, we see all colours blend into unity. The part we seen with our eyes may seem white, but the spectrum extends far beyond our perception. If we pulled back further still, we would see that white itself is but a part of a spectrum.

Yellow may be distinct from green or even ultra violet, but seeing the whole picture reveals that we are indeed all one.


Polarization is not assembly. If united we stand and divided we fall, then gathering against something not “you” is division, not unity.

These words can easily be misconstrued as “stop standing against us (or some hierarchal head)”, but they mean that celebrating and helping things we value will be more effective…


(take 1)

To achieve polish.

I need to learn to bring things to completion. Jumping from one thing to the next is fine, but I need to be able to go back and jump right back into an old thread and return to that state perfectly. Not to avoid doing something new, but to achieve completion. To complete a path and grow from it. To allow the whole world to be given the chance to benefit.

(take 2)

To achieve polish. To complete a path and grow from it. To allow the whole world to be given the chance to benefit.

I need to learn to bring things to completion. Jumping from one thing to the next is fine, but I need to be able to go back and jump right back into an old thread and return to that state perfectly. Not to avoid doing something new, but to achieve completion.


I just had a wacky idea for a business venture. Perfect the farming of some high yield, high use crop like soy in containers. Prioritize healthy nutrition and maximize yield, cycle and resource efficiency. Build a ship that can deploy solar and tidal generators. Make the ship non-dependent on consumable fuel. Send the ship to a best sun and tide conditions, repositioning over time to compensate for changing conditions for best production. Transport ships can dock, pickup produce and resupply the farm ship.


Things I like:



If intensity is not contrasted against calm, then it looses all appeal.



The bane of my existence. It is the poison that restricts me. The perception of it has put a damper on so many passions and opportunities. It takes the wind out of my sails. It starves my fire. I have come to seek it, to expect it. I have grown cynical. Whenever I get fired up about an idea or project, I remember there’s probably a reason it won’t turn out as good as it should, so I give up. What’s the point? The world won’t change soon enough for anyone to notice. Nothing I do will have a true effect. I have no way of even knowing if I have any effect at all in the grand scheme of things. I am limited to my tiny little insignificant role and told that it is all I should aspire fulfill. Yet, I am unfulfilled. Just be a drop in the ocean. Just be a statistic. Stop trying to see the big picture. But if no one looks at the big picture, how will we ever progress beyond accidentally stumbling onto things that work. I am obsessed with looking forward and  trying to see what our options are as a species. But this is unreasonable. The general population does not want to see the big picture, and thus frowns upon those who would.

That is the mountain I find before me every time I need to motivate myself. Such futility.


You want to change the universe? Change the centre (that means you).


I’m rather proud of myself. I just figured out how I’m going to remove limitations and change the world, and it is perfect. It’s tailor made for me.

It is meeting stipulations I had. Such as; the messenger must be separated from the message. There must not be a messenger. I can’t be associated with it. It’s not for my personal gain. I can’t gain more than anyone else.

It must be innocuous. Observers must see it as entirely benign, but it’ll change the world in the not too long run (one or two decades I’d like).

I’m going to start teaching music here and there. You know, just enough to make a modest living. But the way I teach people to practice is the key. Always practice exactly what you want to achieve. Don’t just practice scales up and down the neck, that’s not music. Practice standing up if you want to play live standing up. Always focus on staying relaxed and loose. Practice doing it with ease. Practice playing music freestyle in whatever key you pick that day, say A dominant, then minor (then major if you like feeling bored). Practice it reeeeeal slow. About 45 bpm max, but the slower the better. All over the neck, but at first, do it in sections until each section is comfortable. Change the groove and make it musical, change the groove again and make it musical again. Over and over. You will master being musical everywhere on any groove and you won’t have limitations on your instrument.

This will create an influx of musicians that will capture audiences and start movements due to the music being approached using the principals I want to add to the global collective consciousness. It’ll be a social upswell on the scale of the early 1900s. It will create prosperity on the scale of the golden years. In fact, it will create a lasting golden age of humanity from which we will take a definitive and deliberate step towards a glorious destiny.

Then I’ll have cookies and brownies. Maybe a big feast or party something. Oh, maybe a festival. I love festivals!


Words are nice, they can invoke beauty.

An image is really nice, worth a thousand words.

Actually seeing something for yourself in person is worth enough words to write a novel.

The most skilled scribes of all traditions have, since the dawn of writing, tried to truly capture the full value being alive to experience any of it. They are still trying as of this writing.


Must life consume?

Is there a way that life can exist without consuming? Is there a way for us to be self-sufficient?

I ask because our survival is dependent on resources which makes it very easy to threaten our very existence, if that’s what it takes to grab your attention.


I want to create a world where everyone smiles every day.


For some time now I have been trying to reconcile the following aphorisms; “opposites attract” and “like attracts like”. I think I’ve figured it out.

If we’re talking about attraction, we often visualize something related to magnets. In fact, at least one of the aphorisms is derived from our experience with magnets. Poles of opposite charges attract each other. If we observe the trend of correspondence, then attraction between people might reflect the same principles. So similar people should repulse each other. But, lets pull back a little and look at the bigger picture. Everyone is yin and yang. We have two poles, a dual nature. Perhaps even more than dual, but more facets do not affect this visualization, feel free to challenge that. Consider the  following illustration.

In figure A, an opposition state, a close look may lead one to conclude that similar objects (poles in this case) repulse each other. But pulling back reveals that it is the alinement of the entire magnet that is in opposition.

In Figure B, the poles may be opposite, but the alinement of the whole magnet (or person to reinforce the analogy) is identical. When you alinement, your direction in life, is the same as someone else, you will both attract each other.

Furthermore, once the magnets (or people) of similar alinement have attracted and connected to each other, the entire magnetic field becomes one and the two poles at the meeting cease to be, leaving only the two poles at opposite ends to form a field around the whole. Truly, two have become one.


I want to be productive. I want to have an effect. I want fulfilment. I want to not feel like a pointless number. I want to matter. I want everything to matter.


I wish us to observe and understand more accurately. (focus)

I wish us awareness, clarity. (focus)

I wish us to imagine, to conceive vividly. (shut up, then focus)(p.s.: if needed, you can chatter after)

I would like to present these values to the global human collective consciousness for consideration (yes, there is one).


Imagine learning to grow without consuming.


We can’t create, but we are allowed to conceive.


If there is tension in sound, that is music. If there is a void left by the next note not being played yet, that is music. The search for closure, for resolution, is music


I want everyone to be capable of choosing and attaining their future.


The truth is, life is just easier when you dress up.


I’d like to preface by saying that I believe firmly in the notion that none are ever above or beneath another. I don’t believe in the need to continue including hierarchy in our social structures and infrastructures.

That being said, humanity’s current push for equality is poorly executed. People; it’s not a race thing, it’s not a gender thing, it’s not a sexual orientation or identity thing, it’s not a politics thing, it’s not a religion thing, it’s not a money thing. Those are just the symptoms. The root fallacy is “US against THEM”. There is no THEM. It’s all US.

That’s what needs to change. Get rid of that imaginary line that separates everyone. be a whoe as well as individuals.  You will then have equality.


I want to know: what’s the perfect form or state or condition that we can work towards? A state that would be agreeable for everyone and does not harm, take from, or limit another. Where everyone can know fulfilment. A state that can allow diversity, equality, balance, choice. What does that version of humanity look like? How does it work? How do we get there?


Humanity seems to be trying to figure out right and wrong. It’s a good question to be contemplating.


Don’t impose.


I’d like to play a circuit of medium sized gigs maybe once a week or so, with occasional bigger gigs. Medium meaning a full house of about 200-300 heads. Laid back, open atmosphere where friends can just show up and sit in. Good sound set up, nice stage, nice room, good crowds, good food, good drink. And once in a while go do some stadiums.


If I had power.

I want the world to be as good as it can be for everyone. I would seek the perfect balance.

However, if I am honest with myself (and one can never be anything but honest to oneself subconsciously) I can be disdainful, vindictive, and self righteous. I feel I might be holding myself back from developing agency over the world around me to keep from dealing with the person I could easily become.

I need to change how I respond to irritation and frustration. I need to rewire myself. I need to make myself worthy of the ability to reshape the world.


If I wrote a book about my life, I’d probably call it: The adventures of (enter name) and the lost purpose.


I truly wish that humanity can exist and be fulfilled without needs.


I’ve looked at the present. I’ve observed what sticks out the most, the patterns, the societal macros. We can do better.

Step one; Who do we want to be?

We need something to work towards. Something that will unite us and compel us to make use of our diverse attributes. We, as a species, need to choose a future. We need to choose who we want to be.

Step two; Envision our chosen future. Flesh it out. Figure out which details are crucial. See it so clearly and in such high resolution that you can interact with it in your mind.

Step three; Get from point A to point B. That part’s always easy.


I need to start learning again. I need my brain to go back into overdrive. It idles no more. I will acquire skills and put them to use with mastery and fervour. I will change the world. I will offer questions to the world. Questions that seek a means of furthering our potential realization. I just want to make sure the ride is as pleasant as is optimally feasible.


I just want to make sure the ride is as pleasant as is optimally feasible. I will help the world. I will offer questions to the world. Questions that seek a means of furthering our potential realization. So, I need to start learning again. I need my brain to go back into overdrive. I will find or devise a perfect way to enhance our fulfilment.


Amendment to the plan:

Rather than present notions to be considered, I would ask questions. The right questions linger in ones mind if unanswered. They cause contemplation, which promotes mindfulness.

I have faith in humanity. If the average person is mindful and conscious of their decisions, if they contemplate deeply and consider all the options, if they fully understand the possible effects of their decisions, they will choose to be good.

Being good is the practical option if the full equation is considered.


Nothing can be created. You can only rearrange what already exists. Do you know why we can’t create even a single original atom? Because to do so we’d have to create an entire universe. Obviously there are conditions where a universe can be created, we are here after all, but let’s master navigating this one, first.


Tradition is continuing a behaviour or activity after its original purpose and relevance have expired. It is the exact opposite of evolution.

Any tradition was, initially, a necessary thing. But, as time went on, it was maintained only due to attachment.  If it is still relevant, then it isn’t really tradition first and foremost, it’s just the proper way of doing things. Doing things properly is usually the intent of innovation. Once we get to the point of “doing it just because we’ve been doing it” (i.e., tradition), then we are no longer honouring the original spirit of the act.


Every impact of my actions are strictly beneficial to all affected.


Four characters are crossing a train track. Suddenly, a train appears 50 feet away, barreling down at them. Pause scenario. Let’s look at what the characters are doing, revealing their true nature. One character has fallen to his knees and is shrieking in fear. A second character has immediately sprung into action, jumping to the first character to get him to safety. A third character has faced the train and decided “fuck it” and now intends to lash out at the train without restraint to take his own measure. A fourth character is you. What are you doing in that scenario? The initial scenario needs to be fleshed out. The conditions need to be clear to add context to the decisions taken.


Find your calling. One that resonates with you. Proclaim that it is the path you walk. You will be educated. You will be trained. You will be given opportunity. This is always. If you proclaim for something you don’t really resonate with, your attention will not be in the areas that pertain to your proclaimed pursuit. This happens to also be where the actual path is, with all the resources and skills enclosed for your convenience. The reason you don’t always seem to get what you want is because you don’t know what you want enough to see where it lies. It’s out there. It might be buried, hidden, blocked, but if you truly walk the path you proclaimed, if you are part of the path as the path is a part of you, you will find a way. Perhaps even clear the way for any who would follow.

The path exists. You just need to see it.


Oh how I seek to harness reality, to bend it to my will, to be worthy of doing so.


You are not capable of fathoming every single possible scenario in any given situation. Do not ever assume your outrage is justified. Be more eager to inform yourself than to get upset.


We can do better.

Achieve successful trance and trigger implanting.

Devise file(s) to implant specific, custom triggers that increase faculty productivity to maximum sustainable levels using ultimate mastery.

Read “the Talent Code”, “the Kybalion” and “The Emerald Tablets”. Apply all that is worthwhile.

Do the whole album. Practice and apply the talent code. Make the album appealing, memorable, catchy, respectable, relatable, and so on. Make the album be inspirational. Make it move people to believe in and love all of humanity.

Put the album out there. Let it grab attention.

Attain Tony Stark levels of idea conception to production speed and ease. Make sure everyones needs and happiness are taken care of.

Penetrate popular culture through multiple mediums.

Figure out what I’m trying to say with this “Thoughts” thing and say it.

Develop a platform by which I can gains access to the global collective consciousness. Ask questions which help humanity make conscious choices. To be more mindful and conscientious.


I don’t expend resources without reason.

I only expend resources with reason.



I want to be free of unwanted outside influence.

(Needs to be made free of negatives.)


Why would an air person know earth? Because air tends to blow away anything too light every once in a while. So they live in earthy environments. Everything is solid, sturdy, substantial, resistant to sporadic gusts of wind. The air person’s sanctuary is easily suited to provide necessary infrastructure, tools, means and resources in conceivable scenarios. This state is valued, but in no way limiting. It is simply one of many options available when choosing how to successfully adapt to one’s environment.

Behold! An air persons outlook. (don’t worry, it’s not always that bad)


I forget when it is I was taught that I’m supposed to hate anything I don’t love.


If time is a dimension, are we static in that vector? Or are some capable of morphing and changing while others are simply shifted by those who move on their own?

As any vector is infinite, there would be ample room for us all to wiggle and change, to choose our form along the vector of time.




2017-03(Mar)-17-Fri-1713 (entry 2/3)

To anyone who claims to not be spiritual, I ask: do you believe in a right and wrong? Do you have preferences? If so, then you are spiritual.

You may be materialistic and feel there is nothing more to existence than physical reality. You may believe furthermore that every feeling or sentiment is nothing more that chemicals reacting to external stimuli and energy, all of which originates from some big bang or whatever else we’ll discover. But the observable truth is that we do “feel” emotions and consistently choose to actively favour certain states and avoid others. We exist, we feel, we matter. That is spiritual.

Spirituality doesn’t mean you use essential oils or pray. It means you believe in an IDEA. Ideas don’t exist, yet they affect us, guide us.

Inert matter cares not whether it is respected or loved. It does not have a preferred state outside of what is imposed upon it. It will settle into balance and nothing else.

So, do you have a favourite flavour of ice cream? Do you even like ice cream? It may be that your biology or the physical organization of your “being” dictates how certain stimuli would provoke you in specific ways. But you have a preference, a path you will follow. You have a “spirit” guiding you.



I have a wild imagination and I’m an idealist. I come up with positive scenarios. I overcome cynicism. I overcome pessimism. I conjure a happy outcome for all. I find a path to a better state regardless of the current position. I know the possibilities are endless. I browse and navigate them.


I wish to establish a path from mediocrity to greatness. A path anyone can follow.

Trying to put the weight of the world on your shoulders doesn’t work. If the world is water and it is being held back by a dam, trying to sling the reservoir over your shoulder and carrying it over the dam just doesn’t work. I want to dig a small hole in the dam. One that anyone can fit through. Given time, water will widen the hole and the flow will increase. Water will be freed.

You don’t want the hole to be such that the dam would crack or collapse. The sudden release of pent up tension would qualify as an upheaval. It would be destructive. The release must be gradual, orderly. The water can not all be sent in the same direction at the same time, that would cause flooding. Different outlets must be available.

2017-01(Jan)-31-Tue-1029 (entry 3/3)

(2017-10(Oct)-18-1447 posting note: The “relax time” mentioned in this entry refers to increasing weariness from this log session.)

I shall endeavour to conduct myself in such a way that my belief structure could acceptably be, in some future, used as the foundation of an entire culture, natural or manufactured, while ensuring fully beneficial effect to all affected.

Relax time commencing.

I grew up in an outpost of humanity. It is available to me to choose that it may be of some impact on my character.

K, relaxing for real now.

I want only access to any and all states that would be beneficial to all affected.

I’m going to do the single masterly perfect shot to open this access for all who care would.

Then, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a good time with plenty to share with anyone who wants it.

I want to open up our options, all the options so anyone can choose whatever they want. I want the right to choose. What do I have to do to earn that right? To be so deserving that I find it in my path.

I like to take my time. I like having that option to choose whenever I wish.

If you are being loud, you are representing the entire species, all life, the very concept of life itself. Be aware of who you are being and seek the infinitely good of all.

2017-01(Jan)-31-Tue-1029 (entry 2/3)

I Shall pursue an “ever better” mentality.

I believe that language affects collective mentality. It is what we communicate to others. If we are not precise, there will be needless disagreements that will have negative impacts on our ability to be stronger together. This is important and should never be disregarded.

Therefore; putting a concerted effort towards effective communication is the only acceptable approach.

(This is incomplete, parts where lost before recording and are written down with the intent of trying to fill in the missing blancs as best as can be managed. It hit a bit fast and I stumbled in my thoughts.)