How much of my daily behaviour holds up to a thorough questioning?



Remain energized. If you are not coursing energy through your system, it’ll start shutting down. Power back up and your systems will reboot and regenerate as they can while fully powered. This is youth. Yes, your body has a millage limit. There is a balance to strike. Too much work will wear your system down faster than it can regenerate. Too little activity (or lack of purpose) will cause atrophy.


I understand the necessity of stress as a motivator in everyday human life. But I also believe there are healthy, lower levels of stress that would be far more effective and conducive to a mindful and happiness oriented existence than the ones I currently see prevalent in western society.


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this to myself, but when I say I’d love for my subconscious to express itself to me in plain english, to understand what I truly want and feel, I meant for it to be obvious to me when it is that I am receiving such communications. Having deep inner revelations be blended with my usual mental clutter makes it hard to pick up on them.