2018-01(jan)-17-Wed-0230 (entry 2/2)

I want to help everyone grow. To be more experienced, more knowledged, more masterful. 


2018-01(jan)-11-Thu-0230 (entry 1/3)

For all my grumbling about limitations, they do force one to be creative.

I guess it’s a way to get lazy or uninspired people to activate a little. Yes, there is enough of a difference between the two to mention both as separate. I can be very energetic yet inactive. Get me to care, or even worse, make me see someone else really care and watch me go. Don’t blink or you might miss it. You’ll reopen your eyes and wonder what happened to the world around you.

Why would I wait for someone else to act? Because I don’t want to impose my view until explicitly asked to. I don’t like affecting people because I want them to be themselves. But if I feel the need to interject to avoid disaster, or just to ensure a remarkable opportunity is given it’s fair consideration, then I’ll make it quick, clean, and on the mark.


I forget what the idea about limitations was

2017-12(Dec)-29-Fri-0809 (entry 3/3)

Anytime I say something like “one must (this or that)”, “you have to (x)”, “you want to (so and so)”, “make sure to (…)”…

I make certain that it would feel OK to word it in the first person. “I” must this or that. “I” have to x, “I” want to so and so. “I” always make sure to…

It scrapes off a real thick laver of bullshit.

I say it in the first person. If it makes me feel icky, I don’t say it in the second, third or any other person.