2015-09(Sep)-shortly after the 12th (entry 2/3)

(iterative writing)

Something feels wrong. I want it to feel right.

I want to feel right. There is a pervasive feeling of wrongness, I want to enact change that will make everything feel right for everyone.


Blog posts resuming twice a week.

A new backlog has accumulated in my collection of thoughts. Some of it has brought some measure of clarity to me. The chance that it may do the same for others is worth pursuing.

I want to continue writing naturally, without forcing myself to write simply to maintain a backlog. Going by what seems to be the speed posts naturally accumulate, also to bookend what is considered the “work week” for most people, I will be queuing posts to be published twice a week, 7 am on Mondays and Fridays.

May the end result be beneficial to all affected.