2015-12(Dec)-09-Wed-21:07 (entry 2/3)

What if there were high energy lifeforms. An organizing of matter at very high levels of stress, radiation, gravity, density…

Imagine a matter cloud blasted by a star exciting molecules that bond in complex ways. The matter eventually forms clusters of slightly denser matter that reacts to it’s environment in complex ways to preserve its “self”. Millions of years later, the matter has become so organized and reactive that it must be considered aware, even if in astronomical time scales.

What would this “life” resemble after billions of years adapting to it’s environment. Would it seek to prepare for what will be rather than simply react to what is? Would it explore? Would it create? Would it seek to understand?

2015-12(Dec)-09-Wed-21:07 (entry 1/3)

On the subject of realizing; You have to need something for you to strive for it all the way down to the  subconscious level. Go about your business without the thing you need. Act as though you have it. Push through the feeling of deficiency. The moment you come across a viable opportunity to fill that void, your attention will snap to it. You would be surprised at how regularly opportunities go unrecognized due to state of mind.


I feel that most conflicts between people are simple misunderstandings. If you dig deep down, you would find that everyone is motivated by the same basic wants. We want to feel safe, we want to feel loved, we want to feel happy, we want to be free, we want to feel fulfillment… Once we acknowledge and understand that we all want the same things, we can work together towards achieving these states.

Some people might not be consciously aware of their own basic motivation and follow a course of action that may be inefficient of even counter-productive. I believe a compassionate, sincere and patient dialogue can bring understanding and cooperation. It may take longer in some instances, much longer even, but I feel it is simply a matter of finding the right wording or demeanour. How much effort are you willing to put into reaching resolution? Is it worth pursuing such a path when a more aggressive or confrontational approach could yield faster short term results? Choose as you will, but be aware of that decision.


An interesting experiment would be to maintain a desire in the conscious forefront for an entire day. Even to have a mantra of sorts to repeat vocally when possible, internally when necessary. Start with a simple desire. To talk to someone with whom you hadn’t in a while, perhaps. To hear a beloved song from the past. To get a cookie or something, I don’t know. The kicker is, don’t make any concerted effort to realize this innocuous pursuit. If you manage to maintain an intense focus for the duration of the day, see if your quarry doesn’t get thrown at you with escalating vehemence. The true lesson however; take note of the manner in which things unfold. Learn to choose the preferred method of realization. Follow the opportunity that is just right.