Oh humanity.

You can make “grave” decisions, drop bombs, and create hell for thousands upon thousands in a mere instant. How quickly could you create heaven on the same scale? Would you care to?

Do you believe in creating hell or heaven? Which path do you truly favour?



Find your calling. One that resonates with you.

If you don’t always seem to get what you want, perhaps you don’t know what you want enough to see where it lies. It’s out there. It might be buried, hidden, blocked, but if you truly walk the path you proclaimed, you will find a way. Perhaps even clear the way for any who would follow.

Only under extreme circumstances is the path nonexistent. Even then, opportunities can arise in odd fashion.


For some time now I have been trying to reconcile the following aphorisms; “opposites attract” and “like attracts like”. I think I’ve figured it out.

If we’re talking about attraction, we often visualize something related to magnets. Poles of opposite charges attract each other, similar charges repulse each other. If we observe the trend of correspondence, then attraction between people might reflect the same principles. So similar people should repulse each other. But, lets pull back a little and look at the bigger picture. Everyone is yin and yang. We have two poles, a dual nature. Perhaps even more than dual, but more facets do not affect this visualization, feel free to challenge that. Consider the following illustration: Attraction

In figure A, an opposition state, a close look may lead one to conclude that similar objects (poles in this case) repulse each other. But pulling back reveals that it is the alinement of the entire magnet that is in opposition.

In Figure B, the poles may be opposite, but the alinement of the whole magnet (or person to reinforce the analogy) is identical. When your alinement, your direction in life, is the same as someone else’s, you will both attract each other.

Furthermore, once the magnets (or people) of similar alinement have attracted and connected to each other, the entire magnetic field becomes one and the two poles at the meeting cease to be, leaving only the two poles at opposite ends to form a field around the whole. Truly, two have become one.

This might need some polish.


Words are nice, they can invoke beauty.

An image is really nice, worth a thousand words.

Actually seeing something for yourself in person is worth enough words to write a novel.

The most skilled scribes of all traditions have, since the dawn of writing, tried to truly capture the full value being alive to experience any of it. They are still trying as of this writing.