2017-01(Jan)-19-Thu-0900 (entry 3/3)

I want to make sure I get things done. This is serious. Things need to change and I intend to do something about it. This is important and I want to make certain that it’s done right, that all impact, known or otherwise, is agreeable to all affected. I want the chosen scenario to be achieved.



The plan (such as it is at this point):

Develop a platform by which I can gain access to the global collective consciousness and present for everyone’s consideration notions and ideals to guide humanity to a world where everyone can do anything.

Ideals such as:

Equality (none are ever above or beneath another)

Balance (reality always tries to settle into balamce)

Diversity (it ensures stability through countless ways of approaching a situation, increasing odds of success)

Choice (consciousness, mindfulness, awareness)

Understanding (allows one to either affect, or, at the least, predict and adapt to circumstances)

Consideration (as in caring for everything, might fall under balance)

Belief (faith(not the religious kind, the other one, as in faith in humanity))


I seek a compass that leads to one’s purpose.

By purpose, I mean that which drives one to follow one’s own vision, not some divinely chosen path removed from one’s own will. What does one truly, deeply care about? What fans the flames that motivate one to indomitable action? For every person there is a trigger, a subject that instantly changes all perception of adversity or hardship and causes a desire for an end result bordering on obsession.

I seek a means of identifying this in anyone, including myself.