(This is stream-of-thought, non-sensical rambling. I held back from deleting this entry because there might be something here worth eventual contemplation.)

As kids, we look up to others and are compelled to grow. What is there to look up to as an adult? Do we not stop growing and eventually die? What if we kept looking up? Would we keep growing. Figuratively, I mean. Obviously, because we wouldn’t really want to eternally grow physically, that’d be stupid. Although constant renewal and perpetual maintenance of good health, if balanced, would be an enticing example of perpetual growth.

We also don’t hold back on our passions when we are younger. This unbridled enthusiasm could also be a source of vitality.



I want to make things better for everyone. I want us to move forward rather than linger in a state that is undesirable to even a single person.

Some problems are caused by other, more fundamental problems. What is the deepest, most fundamental problem humanity is afflicted with that I can definitively fix so we can be free of a long list of related woes and move forward?


I envision a great opportunity in our future. We will have a chance to clarify our vision. To choose which direction we want to take, who we want to be. To clearly see what our most desirable available option is and attain it. To be capable of navigating our existence with gentle ease.

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You are a living organism. Your design evolved to accomplish something. If you’ve done it already, then do something else. If you can’t do it, try a new approach or do something else. If you feel there was never any design in the first place, contemplate what design you would like there to be. We can always benefit from people thinking about that one.